The Adventures of Tintin
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From Academy Award® winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson comes the epic adventures of Tintin. Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast fortune, but also an ancient curse, Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy embark on an action-packed journey around the world that critics are calling "fun for the whole family" (ABC-TV CHICAGO).

User Reviews
Noah B. Will 2020-10-20
The Adventures of Tintin is the greatest movie that's ever based on the comic strip series by Hergé. Also, it's the best movie of 2011. Perfect performance by Jamie Bell as Tintin!

Tack19 2020-09-13
Reminds me of Indiana Jones

Semper liberi 2019-05-19
So good

Memoryzine 2019-05-04
The CD comes with other languages like the French and Spanish dubs but apparently it doesn’t have them here. I hope someone sees this and can help me out!

Tah'B 2018-11-29
11/29/18: Dear iTunes, why is this movie at $14.99 HD and no extras? Don't you think it's about time for the price to drop? The movie is good, STILL waiting for the next one, It's a good thing I didn't hold my breath, it's nearly 2019. My guess is, we're not getting one, so I'll just have to enjoy this one. Lower the price iTunes!

batman+spiderman=me 2018-10-18
I love tintin

KDRDAISY 2018-07-12
This movie is outstanding! Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson did an amazing job on this! I hope they make another one soon! Really great movie they made and still is!

Salnlj 2017-02-18
Tintin was a part of the inspiration for Nathan Drake. So was Indiana Jones and John McClane. Btw this was an awesome movie. Anyone who says otherwise should never be allowed to watch real movies again.

tobymicahevan 2016-09-11
It was so fun and enjoyable for everyone, my kids 5,7,9 all loved it and so did we! Action packed and exciting storyline. We haven't read the comics before but still enjoyed it very much!

Huron Gith 2016-08-27
Movie is fun and full of adventure! I wish there were more like it! Enjoy!

PIELOVER50000 2016-08-23
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Jolovesgum 2016-08-12
This is a great movie

double album 2016-03-13
It is such so good! The details, oh man!

Acts like Squirrelflight 2015-05-05
What's the whole point of this movie?!?! When this first came out I was like, "OMG! I wanna see that, like, SO BAD!!!!!!" Regretted every moment of my 6 year old thought of this movie.

mormayo 2015-04-27
This movie has been a magical experience for me. The digital work is amazing. If I believed in re-incarnation this movie brought a feeling; no a memory of that era. It's absolutely by far my favorite CGI created movie. Spielberg's touch, along with Peter Jackson's perspective it makes this movie... Great!

Hart4 2014-10-13
I liked it, it's just that, I don't know, it's a little cheesy. I liked the television show better.

kickass_zombie 2014-09-18
Watch this cartoon with our daughter expecting it to be fun and adventurous and turned out to be very boring and long. Rent this and do not buy its not worth adding this to your collection.

Schaller2003 2014-08-31
We were really amazed with the visual quality and all the well planned out and thought out transitions between scenes, and even between individual parts of the scenes. Story was fast passed and never dragged along.

cjfilmmaker 2014-06-26
I have been a fan of the Tintin comic books for years, and Speilburg's rendition is a great tribute to the classic. The storyline wasn't the film's strongest point, a bit simple and lackluster, but every deficit in that regard was redeemed by the astounding production value of this film. As a 3D artist, I was able to appriciate the unparalleled skill that went into making this film. The almost photorealistic modeling, combined with motion capture, made this the best animated film I have ever seen. Speilburg's amazing storytelling is another aspect that makes this a film definately worth watching.

AshleyAlexa 2014-02-09
Thrilling and enjoyable for all ages, engaging mystery, wonderful animation and action. A good movie to own.

Debbie94 2014-01-03
This movie is beautifully crafted and will keep your imagination soaring time and time again. A wonder movie

Awesomeswagger55 2013-12-02
Best movie

Tiger saver! 2013-11-09
Love it!!! It's an awesome movie, doesn't get boring at all. But I think older kids should watch this, it should be rated PG-13 instead because it has this man who has really bad drinking problems, most people are smoking, intense action/violence scenes, and stealing. I saw this movie when I was about almost 11 years old, so you should probably watch it with your 'rents. ;) P.S. Did I mention it was an awesome movie?

babysanga 2013-09-30
Love the artistic style and the story!

3ylawi 2013-08-26
Believe me or not, but Spielberg says this the beginning of a trilogy, still a better trilogy than twilight.

Sakura and Gackt 2013-08-13
If you have love the comic books and the animated shows, then you'll love this take onto a CGI look! Best memories to watch this movie!

The marcster 2013-04-06
Really cool and awesome

I Luv Dis Movie 2013-04-02
I loved the comic, the movie is just as good. Make the next one!!!

Jdhds 2013-03-12
This is a must buy!! Amazingly done!

Styles917 2013-01-13
Even for an adult(like me) this movie would be great. Best 3D animated movie I've seen. I don't have kids and don't really enjoy family movies(more into violence, blood, horror, dark psychological types), but I really enjoyed this!! Worth the rent OR buy!!

Karlynevaeh 2012-12-29
It was a amazing movie

Don. Li 2012-12-01

arnie125 2012-11-29
This movie is epic! Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson made a masterpiece with the help of Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

Wtf23yeah 2012-11-24
This is a blistering blue barnacles good movie

Izwick 2012-11-02
This is definately one of the best movies of all time! Not only does it have beautiful animation, wonderful plotlines, and perfect characterizations, but it also shows the true awesomeness of Herge's most beloved creation. No, it does not follow the plot of the books precisely, but all changes are done in the true spirit of Tintin. And, if you look closely you will notice all sorts of cool references and characters from the original stories. i admit it, I am thoroughly obsessed with Tintin, I have read all of the books hundreds of times, have watched the movie over and over, and I hope and pray that Spielberg will make another Tintin movie as soon as possible. Long live Tintin!

Sinclair select 2012-10-05
My favorite movie! Best ever!

Xcite79 2012-09-17
This was fun movie to watch and full of laughs. I don't often laugh out loud but there was a couple of moments that really had me going. This was a pure adventure film with some great witty like moments. It is a gorgeous looking CGI film with great animation as expected with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson behind it. I highly recommend this movie to everyone of all ages.

totallyawesome_ 2012-09-04
This movie is just slapstick gags, ridiculous script, moronic story line, and special effects. It is not fun to watch. Clearly Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg do not understand why "Tintin" is such a great comic series. They have taken something brilliant and turned it into the idiotic trash that this movie is. There is no real plot - they have grabbed bits and pieces of Tintin story lines from the entire comic series and spliced them together to create this "Frankensteins monster" of a mess. None of the characters have any depth - The beauty of Herge's characters is entirely lost. Herge created real characters. This feels like it was mashed together by a bunch of studio execs, who were lucky enough to get the movie rights for it, so they could capitalize on the loyalty of Tintin fans without doing any real work. This movie lacks the wit, intelligence and humor of the comic. The plot in this movie is largely meaningless. Its only purpose seems to be to provide a way for them to make another less than mediocre sequel. The story line is one tangled mess. The direction is terrible. This feels like a high-budget gimmick. Even the ending is stupid - Its as if they painted themselves into a corner and could find no other way to end the movie, than have some kind of meaningless action sequence. No Tintin comic has every had such a meaningless, stupid ending. It feels like there was too much character, wit and culture in the original Tintin series for the director, producer and screenwriters to comprehend, so they decided to make something different. Clearly the writers did not think their storyline through. The original characters developed over something like 30 comics, each with a deep detailed storyline with a start, middle, and end. This movie fails, because they are trying to take bits and pieces from too many stories and mash them together. The pieces don't fit. There are too many holes and pieces that do not fit well together. They have tried to hide this with special effects and ridiculous action sequences. Perhaps they could have succeeded if they tried to tell just one good story, instead of mashing too many together. This movie lacks depth. Its as if writers of this movie tried drinking from a fire hose, drank more than they can handle. This movie is nothing like Herge's world. The only thing good about the movie is the artwork and special effects. While the original succeeded because of great story, characters, humor, suspense and some action, this movie fails. Even if I wasn't a Tintin fan, I would still hate this movie, because even just as a movie by itself, it is nothing but special effects and ridiculous action sequences, without any decent storyline or real characters. This movie is like watching a blur.

Dev.Neil 2012-08-28
Well it's definitely worth buying

Snellmail 2012-08-24
My 8 yr old and I enjoyed it immensely. The animation was great and the story kept you wanting to watch.

Mw3 testing 2012-08-15
Awesome cant wait for the sequel :D

meatballs042 2012-07-25
Great movie. I would've liked it better if it had more details that it had in the book.

The boring game 2012-07-24
It's ok i guess

Biggest Tintin Fan EVER 2012-07-14
I love this movie. It is full of adventure and also has some jokes here and there.The characters are great, and is defently going to be a great sequel. I have allways been a HUGE fan of tintin, and will always be his biggest fan ever!

amandasparklz 2012-07-12
i didn't like it. just not great, and was REALLY boring. i fell asleep watching it, just like happy feet 2, which was bad.

Singer 297 2012-07-08
Amazing a classic in my heart

liveitup531 2012-06-14
The animation in the movie is really good! Im actually pretty impressed. They stuck to the story well enough, though sometimes it became a bit confusing. The only problem is, with all the work going to the animation, the script is weak. Overall the movie deserves a four star. Very good animation and an okay script. Worth watching, if you watch the movie, you should read the books too.

Frenchy in LA 2012-06-10
BUT....all this amazing display of technology showcasing one insane, impossible, over the top camera move after another,only serves to mask a very weak script, and becomes quickly as tiresome as watching someone else play video games. 3 stars for the CGI

Scotty Marcelo 2012-06-05
Seeing as whom this films comes from I was expecting the adventure of a cartoon lifetime! But no I did not receive it. The animation is as close to real life as I've ever seen, top notch. The characters are kind of fun, but it falls through with the villain and the whole reason to get this toy ship. It's very interesting at first and I like the town they set up at the beginning, but the middle and end is what is lacking. For Spielberg and Jackson this was a insult.

Peanuthovey 2012-06-04
Very good movie. After I watched it I seeched it on the Internet and found the cartoon series. I've watched the series like 10 times.