Love and Other Disasters
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From the director of Madonna: Truth or Dare, this delightful comedy about the rocky road to true love stars Brittany Murphy (8 Mile, Just Married) as the free-spirited "Jacks." An assistant at British Vogue, Jacks adores fixing up her friends, but when it comes to finding the right guy for herself, she's totally clueless. Love comes knocking at her door when she meets sexy photographer Paolo (Santiago Cabrera, TV's Heroes), but will she dare to let her guard down and let romance in?

User Reviews
Rhmayo 2014-01-11
Self absorbed main character permeated the movie and went thru a series of episodes strung thru connected touch points which tried to portray it as a story with meaning. If this sentence makes sense then watch the movie. Otherwise give it a pass as this movie is thin on a story line, has actors that waltz thru their inane lines without engagement & faux accents and show up periodically without adding anything to the story at hand. Directionless and self absorbed is truly the moniker for this movie.

European History 2013-01-11
i love this movie. brittany murphy does a great job acting and the guy she falls in love with is HOT!!!!

eZineJunkie 2013-01-01
A waste of time. If you watch the trailer, you see ALL the best parts of the movie so feel free to move on to the next title.

shihyin chung 2012-06-01
I really liked this movie. It reminds me a lot of breakfast at tiffany's and factory girl, combined. The plot isn't original but it's nice to watch when you just want to relax and stay at home watching a chick flick.

SCPrincess86 2012-03-16
Positive and upbeat.

ursabear 2012-03-04
Average script Expectations were higher.

Sonofjorel1632 2012-01-22
Wonderful movie

KimberlyAnn2107 2011-12-29
I don't know why the critics gave this movie bad reviews. I love the storyline and the acting isn't as bad as what people are saying. I thought it was rather good actually. I've always liked Brittany Murphy as an actress. There is some good comedy in here that isn't in most chick flicks as well which I really like. I would definitely recommend renting this movie first, before buying. This type of comedy isn't for everyone. But I found it hilarious! Matthew Rhys made me laugh so much in this movie!

Elphie Pixxielot 2011-08-09
And a five star rating.

The Bug1 2010-11-06
I want my 90 minutes back. I've never hated a movie so much in my entire life.

hautrans 2010-10-25
Great movie

ujaldi_hd 2010-10-10
I rented this movie and was convinced from the start that i would regret that decision. Well - I was very wrong. That movie was probably not a runner for any academy award but it had wonderful moments. Interesting characters and a good storyline till the end. If you're looking for a nice movie with british influence this is the one to go. Actually i think its the first time i disagree with the Rotten Tomatoe Rating.

SkyRoss 2010-09-12
but why can't normal customers use the Tomatoes rating system too i mean the people that rate movies have no taste in movies. They are mostly straight men who need to get you know but yea i say buy if your a brittany murphy fan like myself i own this movie and i love it. Its another one of her movies to add to my collection.

Jaemasun 2010-05-12
This movie was brilliant! The lines were funny, heartwarming, sincere, and believable. I found many points in the story that i personally related to and have been in similiar situations. There is more than one layer to this film and it is a true work of art. I adore Brittany Murphy! And the ending with Orlando Bloom and Gwenyth Paltrow was hysterical! If you hate this movie you obviously are in denial that you love this movie.

awesometasteinmovies 2010-04-25
I was stuck on a 10 hour flight and watched just about everything else so I decided to give it a shot. WOW! It was actually really awesome (partly because I expected it to be baaaad) and I love the characters! It's playful and unique and witty. Charmed!

moonpath 2010-04-16
this movie was absolutely meaningless and boring. i am a fan of romance comedies and UK movies, but this was an insult to both.

audl 2010-03-12
This movie had me laughing out loud. I loved the characters and the plot. I wish I knew other movies as fun as this one. Enjoy!

SkepticalSally 2010-03-05
Not about to win an award anytime soon, but it was a good hour and a half of light and funny entertainment. As an English girl who now lives in the US, I thought Brittany's accent was pretty decent. And Catherine Tate is a legend of course.

jraddy 2010-02-07
i would highly recommend it for the breakfast at tiffany's loving hopeless romantic.

nurpin 2010-01-25
If you're bored and don't have anything else you really want to watch this movie is okay. It's not really funny, but it's not really horrible either. I found it odd that there was only one scene where Brittney Murphy's character spoke with a British accent, but the rest of the movie she sounded American.... then to cover up the fact that she was living in England with an American accent they added that after her parents died she was sent to the US relatives and moved back to England when she was older. If you don't consider it a comedy and just a situational story, then it's fine.

Sgt Gygax 2010-01-24
I watched this movie with low expectations, I mean, how funny can a movie about a gay man be? Long story short, it was definitely not laugh out loud funny. I smiled a few times in the course of the movie, but never more than that. However The movie was very cute. I recommend to watch it with someone close to you (boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband) because it was cute. Not quite a movie to buy, but to rent and watch, it kept me absorbed. The nice thing is, it was not epicly long like some of the newer movies. It was just right. Have fun with it, I did, and I recommend seeing it if you like something cute that does not take too much time.

BeckyofIowa 2010-01-22
As most people of the universe know, Brittany Murphy recently passed onto the pearly gates. I, personally, think that this is one of the most hilarious, wonderful, and pick-you-up roles of her entire career. It's like the 10 years later to Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging, another one of my favorite movies. Along with Happy Feet and Uptown Girls, this film is definatly going into my Brittany Murphy collection. ((( d[-_-]b ))) ZONED

kathleen joy 2010-01-14
Bad acting, script, everything. I love girly movies and wanted to like this. It was tragically bad. The only redeeming quality was Murphy's amazing lingerie sets and covetable heels. Excellent costume choices.

dannygirl91 2010-01-08
R.I.P. Brittany Anne Murphy. this was such a good movie! cute and funny and i love the title! its pretty much a girls life! buy it!

caitlin-kay 2010-01-06
its very sad about brittany murphy, she was an amazing actress. this movie is very good, im glad i rented it. she was very beautiful in this movie, i wish it would have been in america but the point of real life was good in this movie. it wasnt to sappy had funny moments, i would recommend renting the movie, just in case you dont likie it, but i would consider buying in the future, or maaybe now (:

mtk49 2010-01-06
I rented this movie because I was in the mood for a nice romantic comedy and this one definitely delivered. I don't know where it has been hiding all these years, but "Love and Other Disasters" is by far one of my favorite Brittany Murphy movies. She shines as the leading character, Jacks, who serves as the modern-day "emma" who finds happiness in setting up other peoples' love lives so much so that she completely overlooks her own. I would definitely recommend this movie, perfect for a rainy afternoon when you just want a good laugh and a feel-good ending. It is unfortunate that Brittany Murphy didn't get the recognition for her roles like this while she was alive, and I wish it had been released in the US so we could have all fallen in love with this wonderful tale. It's funny, fresh, sexy, and is a nice alternative to the darker comedies on the market nowadays.

mgast94 2010-01-05
R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

Lunar Butterfly 2009-12-30
I don't get why so many people are writing bad reviews about this. It was funny, creative, and truthful. Somehow I think everyone was hoping for some Hollywood ending but the movie proved that life isn't like that and maybe that smashed people's expectations somehow? I found it very original and it was worth the watch. Granted, maybe knocking a dollar off the rental price would be great but whining over something as miniscule as that would just seem greedy. I really wouldn't mind buying the movie and the accents were just fine. When I read the reviews about the terrible accents the actors had I thought twice about renting the movie but it really wasn't bad at all. Anyone would enjoy this if they just sat back and watched without trying to pick apart the movie and finding ways not to. The story was unique and the acting was just fine. I grant the movie 5 stars not because of the great story and acting but because the movie needs better reviews rather than the close minded 1 star reviews it's been having. I'm not asking you to watch it, just stating the fact that it was a good movie and deserves more credit. I would personally give it 4 stars just because I don't believe everything in a movie can be perfect, but this was great. You can take the chance or not, it's not my decision and definitely not my intention to shove my opinion down your throat. Whether you like it or don't like it, it's all a matter of opinion and I believe it to be a great movie.

jyoung2k 2009-12-21
Can't get over that she is no longer with us. She has incredible poise in this, a delight to watch.

ipink28 2009-12-21
I love this movie. She's such a great actor. Can't believe she's gone now. RIP 12-20-09.

kmmccollister 2009-12-20
RIP Brittany Murphy 12-20-09

LilyBay 2009-12-08
I thought this was one of Murphy's best. She is beautiful and talented, the story line is great and it made me want to see it over and over again. A total buy movie.

bklaheroj 2009-12-06
I think this movie is worth watching. Although it starts out slow, with no clear reason to be watching for the first twenty minutes or so, at the end, I was glad I watched. It's just a cute romantic comedy, with great British comedians like Catherine Tate and Dawn French. It's also beautifully shot, the cinematography is stunning.

Nice movie 2009-11-19
Good comedy and great

Lina8 2009-10-18
Just what the doctor ordered on a rainy day.

Cassi27 2009-10-08
Honestly it is definetly a "chick flick" movie, but it was great. If you enjoy romantic comedies, I think you will love it. I did and honestly am sad I rented it instead of buying it because now I'll have to spend more money!

stevencourtney 2009-09-23
I couldn't stand Brittany Murphy's accent. Her back story was completely bland and boring as was the rest of the movie. I could have just seen the preview and told you the whole story w/out even seeing the film. There was the occasional funny remark my her friends but that was just about it. Save you time and money for Breakfast at Tiffany' there's an all time classic.

Bethany Gunblazer 2009-09-22
I loved this movie! The whole story is really adorable and when I first rented it, I had to watch it numerous times. I definately roccommend this movie for any girl who's looking for a good chick-flick. The actors fit perfectly in their roles, and overall a great film. [:

Saritta 2009-09-06
This is a super cute flick. Not genius or anything and Britney Murphy spends most of the movie in her panties..but over all it was fun and entertaining.

angryandmovieless 2009-09-03
I watched the trailor for this movie and I thought it looked good and decided to rent it. Little did I know that when rented, there would be no audio! Itunes gave me the unfinished version of this movie, no sound, and peices of the script left in? I want my money back immediatly. I am furious with itunes and will possibly never rent a movie from them again.

Johndpilot 2009-08-26
I felt this movie had more to do with wanting people to accept gay as being normal than being a funny movie. About the only thing that will happen with this movie is that it will end up being played on the LOGO Gay Channel.

Bananananana 2009-08-03
Usually I can predict what's going to happen during a movie, but with this film, my predictions were wrong. Loved everything about it except Brittany Murphy's accent.

margareteboyd 2009-07-26
I rented this movie to watch on a car trip and I loved it! It's so funny and I'm going to watch it again soon!

kmacdeezy 2009-07-10
I honestly thought I would hate this movie going in to it, but after a few minutes I got sucked in and had to know what was happening. Such a great movie, I highly recommend!

Char Simon 2009-06-22
This is now my favorite movie! Brittney Murphy is such a good a actress! you cant go wrong buy renting or buying this movie (if i were u i would buy it). It's so funny and so real.

*SwEEt THaNG*:] 2009-06-20
this is the absolute best movie of all time.. first time i have ever heard of this movie was on demand april 4th. . . i watched this movie very night since april 12th i love this movie if y0u get this you r sooo lucky its rocks!

AbbyJoy 2009-06-17
I thought this movie was great!! Funny, witty, cute, quirky - all of the above! I loved it! Jacks is a strong character, but still believable. Great relationships among the characters. It's not going to win an Oscar, but it sure is entertaining! I bought it after I rented it!

MovieLover7 2009-06-16
It seems the title of this film has 3 words too many and robbed it of its true title: Disaster. I'm so sorry to be the one to give a bad review since I can see the silver lining in just about any film. Wait, here's one: The British characters were convincing. Well....that's about it. Brittany Murphy, poor thing, just awful. She was much more convincing and credible as an actress when she was abused and suicidal in her other films. Some people just do "damaged" so much better than normal characters. No chemistry between her or any of the cast. Just sad. Sorry Brit. You brought nothing to this character. Romantic comedy isn't for you. Stop it.

AllEllie 2009-06-10
this movie was awful. Brittany Murphy's so called "accent" made me want to scream and puke the same time. The horrible excuse for it at the beginning of the film didn't make it anymore believe. I think it was more like "Well, we've put her through months of voice coaching, but she keeps reverting. Let's pretend she's really from the US but moved to Britian, so that's why she has the stupid accent."

angelinaballerina22 2009-05-30
I have never written a review, but felt that this movie was so bad, it was my duty to save all of you who are reading this your time and money. I had passed this movie up several times because I felt the preview looked rather dull, but, being a fan of other Brittany Murphy movies, I finally gave in. I was so bored and disappointed within the first 20 minutes, that I just couldn't bring myself to waste any more of my time. This says a lot because I rarely give up on a movie. Murphy plays some stuck up city girl with a horrible accent that you will find yourself focusing on- basically because the plot and acting are not enough to distract you otherwise. I think they were going for an Audrey Hepburn character, but fell way off the mark. If you are looking for a funny and witty romantic comedy, try renting "10 Things I Hate About You"- it is much more worthy of your time and money.