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From Disney and Pixar comes an animated sci-fi action-adventure — the definitive origin story of

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From Disney and Pixar comes an animated sci-fi action-adventure — the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear (voice of Chris Evans), the hero who inspired the toy. “Lightyear” follows the legendary space ranger on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits, Izzy, Mo and Darby, and his robot companion Sox. As this motley crew embark on their toughest mission yet, they must learn to work as a team to escape the evil Zurg and his dutiful robot army who are never far behind.

User Reviews
Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo 2022-08-09
I couldn’t even pretend to imagine this was buzz lightyear with a different voice actor. Save your money.

Tears954 2022-08-09
Pixar used to make the most incredible animated movies. Now they make some of the worst. All the other companies have thrived and now make way better movies than Pixar. It seems like Pixar is out of ideas and tries to recycle what they can. This movie is a reach for sure. Pixar used to be the best bet no matter what. Now I could care less about seeing a Pixar movie bc they just are not good anymore. They once led the industry and pioneered the craft and have now fallen to the bottom.

Dun Poke Mah Phone 2022-08-09
Ignore the angry magas, this is a good movie

Movies7272 2022-08-09
Woke nonsense by the grooming company. More outright grooming to children, plus removing Tim Allen. Fail.

Bhbhbhbjjk 2022-08-09
Good story, great call backs the Toy Story. Please ignore the ignorant people writing lower ratings. The movie was fun and entertaining. Will watch again.

JauDesign 2022-08-08
All the reviews are accurate. Keep pushing politics in entertainment and see how far you get.

benevolus again 2022-08-08
Don’t waste your time or money

Hippocampus 2022-08-08
Sequels, prequels, and spin-offs are hard - but this is a solid all around movie. Sure I miss the original voice of Buzz, but two minutes in you don’t really care because the story writing is great. Act 2 turns you on your head in ways that Disney/Pixar have mastered. And the montages: just wow.

Chdidjejd 2022-08-08
No one is “forcing” you to watch this. You’re just homophobic and dramatic.

netoeduardo 2022-08-08
Not much to say. Just a bad movie all around

parents be aware 2022-08-08
Keep it up Disney and the 1% of the population you’re targeting will be the only people paying to see your films!

clean Deadpool 2022-08-08
One word, bad. Where’s the lazer???

Razor_177 2022-08-07
To be completely honest if you HAVE TO understand that this is a representation of what movie Andy watched in “1995” that made him want the toy. Buzz Lightyear! So you have to watch this movie as if you were watching “Toy Story” for the first time it’s the nostalgia that hits perfect in this movie!!

StEvE CaR 2022-08-07
Anything with Chris Evans is an automatic NO

mrcreley 2022-08-07

Jrvendetta 2022-08-07
I heard so many mixed reviews on this movie, but I thought it was a great movie and the graphics was one of the best I’ve ever seen on a cartoon.

haooowuuu 2022-08-07
Made by crazy woke lunatics to brainwash next generation of kids. I am glad it failed miserably at box office. Hopefully Hollywood now realize that people just want to watch good movies like top gun without being forced fed progressive agenda in every single movie!

FF23inCA 2022-08-07
All the messages were off, plot didn’t flow and it was way too woke - total waste of time

shawnriv 2022-08-07
What a terrible movie. The Disney woke agenda completely overshadowed and ruined what could have been an enjoyable and nostalgic film.

pewpoopew 2022-08-07
have to be black and LGBTQ…. not everything is Black & LGBTQ in this world. even besides that crap, it’s not even a good movie. completely off track of what buzz mighty year truly is. plus no Tim Allen, you already have a voice for the character. way to just completely fail in many ways.

Not impressedddd 2022-08-07
It was a decent movie. Ignore all the “woke” complaints as it’s basically just the mention of a non-standard family triggering people. It has no bearing on the plot, which admittedly does have some holes but that’s due to time travel stuff and bogus time dilation assumptions. The re-cast is fine too as you’re not watching a movie featuring the toy buzz light year, rather the movie that inspired the toy. Definitely not Pixar’s best, but it’s still solid.

Really a doctor 2022-08-07
Lesbian sexual preferences expressed in the movie are not a subject for a childs adventure movie.

CriticalLovee 2022-08-07
This movie was a whole joke. Such a disrespect to Toy Story which was the first Pixar Movie.

Jeysson 2022-08-07
If you want to confuse your children on what’s god’s true intended nature of a Male and Female, go ahead and have them watch it. I don’t understand why they keep on indoctrinating the innocence; our children towards the unrighteous and sinful ways.

Deadpool Fan 17 2022-08-07
I saw this movie twice in theaters and it was amazing to the people who don’t know this it’s buzz lightyear’s Origin story it was worth it as I said before it was amazing Chris Evans is amazing also.

Mister Bipkie 2022-08-07
Throw this 'toy' in the garbage.

VilePirate 2022-08-07
Not good… boring.

LocalsVocals 2022-08-06
Lightyear is President. Like Treasure Planet or WALL•E. It’s perfect. An Undeniable Classic. Shows that we know, we are here, and we are looking forward. Fear either becomes stronger or weaker. This film is an accomplishment and will be such a hit in 3500ad. This one is for the children of the future. Different and progressive. Fresh, alive, and multi-nutritional. Pixar 1995 has come a long way to 2022. 🚀🐈👾🧄

bstarkiller33 2022-08-06
I watched Lightyear when it came out on Disney+ and was glad I didn’t waste money seeing it in the theater. First, it’s just full of dumb logic. This is supposed to be the movie from the 90’s that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy that Andy got for his birthday. Nothing about this movie has anything to do with the 90s. So from the premise, it’s flawed. The only romantic relationship in the movie is a lesbian marriage that Disney executives said was deliberately inserted because it “was important to a lot of people.” It had nothing to do with the story, which was always the quintessential hallmark of the legendary Pixar Brain Trust. The Pixar magic of amazing family friendly stories has now passed on to Skydance Studios. Disney/Pixar can keep pumping out content for the money losing Disney+ until shareholders throw out the current woke leadership or go back to what Disney animation was in the late 90s when Pixar became the top studio in the world.

JDTampa 2022-08-06
We loved every second of the movie! The bigots giving it 1 star need to get a life.

Nagerny; 2022-08-06
The movie was a lot of fun to watch. People need to realize this was a movie on the origin of buzz, Tim Allen was the toy, not the origin character. It’s a movie and enjoy it for the entertainment value. Pixar did a great job in this one!

benn1010 2022-08-06
This is such an amazing film.

slig81303 2022-08-06
Was it great, no, but I found it to be a fun watch with my kids. I thought it was a fresh take on the character and gave a little more insight into the backstory. I could care less about this “woke” crap people keep talking about. They obviously have a lot more problems if they’re getting on iTunes to complain about a kiss between two women that love each other.

Valroyeux 2022-08-06
Loved it!! Animation was great! Good job!

Frost Plant 2022-08-06
Good thing I didn’t pay for the movie. It’s pretty forgettable and not funny. Also if they just left out how it was the movie Andy watched, there wouldn’t be so many questions and holes in the plot.

Gadsden1776 2022-08-06
The Disney agenda is woke beyond belief. This movie is complete garbage. If you don’t support woke, don’t pay vendors that push it.

mama Hytinen 2022-08-06
Mama and nana

Delta don 2022-08-06
This has a controversy for having two females kissing and having a side plot of main story but the main story and execution is the true disaster. Avoid to retain positive view of Toy Story. This origin story is certainly one “Andy” would have passed on as well. BIG swing and a miss by Disney and Pixar.

O'learbu 2022-08-06
There are so many trolls reviewing this movie! Don’t listen. This movie was adorable. The story is fantastic (somewhat like Star Trek) and it’s so pertinent right now given all the amazing science discoveries happening in space. Hopefully it inspires more kids to join STEM. And the message of realizing your home is with the people you care about most is touching and realistic. (Sox is the best)

AGOOL 2022-08-06
I’ve really enjoyed this movie. We’ve watched it 4 times so far. Overall, I give it 5 stars for being interesting storyline that kept me engaged. The animation was great as well! Pixar & Disney have come a long way and continue to impress with the advancements with each movie that’s made.

tigerstown 2022-08-06
Terrible movie

memebras 2022-08-06
Can you believe budget of this film was $200 million dollars and was given to a first-time director!! He’s only made three shorts. Lightyear has no charisma, no heart, it’s not sentimental like Toy Story films. What it does have is two Lesbians kissing in a PG movie. That’s right this is not even rated G. And guess what?! This Movie is already available on Disney+ only in the adult passcode protected section!! Here’s the minute summary. Lightyear volunteers to test a hyperspeed fuel to fix a vessel which he broke in the first place. But he discovers that a four-minute flight means four years, due to the effects of time dilation. But since Lightyear is so selfish in this film, he does it again dozens of time over and over and over until 62 years have passed and his best friend has died of old age. He gets a robotic cat which advises him he has been using the wrong fuel, but now it’s too late. So Lightyear disobeys orders from his new commanding officer, steals a ship and tries one more time the hyperspace flight which is successful this time thanks to his robotic cat. But he lands 22 years in the future. He meets three colony’s defense forces which looks like the three stooges making mistakes after mistakes and discover that Zurg is actually him. What a nonsense. Zurg is no longer his father but a future version of himself. That’s it.

mrbabes 2022-08-06

Vetter1 2022-08-06
This is not the Pixar that made great movies that were fun and entertaining years past. Now Disney requires all movies to include agenda items even when those things in the movie have nothing to do with the plot. So obvious there thrown in because someone at the top won’t green light the film without them. Sad really.

Latter-Day Saint & Soldier 2022-08-05
Lame movie all around.

Crazy mamajama 2022-08-05
You know it’s garbage when it just comes out on ITunes and it’s only $19.99 to buy it. 🤣 ITunes is raping people for $29.99 on all other movies that just come out for at least 2 months.

TrHu91 2022-08-05
Disney attempts to score major intersectional group identity points, and they did!!!! They are so woke and virtuous it really makes the rest of us look bad, so bad I think they’re going to shame us all into not being able to watch anymore of their movies :(

Thirty-Something 2022-08-05
Ruined the entire franchise with this one movie. Stop pushing your immoral crap on us Disney!!!!

Bryant91 2022-08-05
Need Tim back.

Luchita29 2022-08-05
First, Where is Tim Allen? Woke!!! So, this is Hollywood now. Every movie has to be like 95% of humanity is LGBTq#%^** I say Let’s go Branden