Spider-Man: No Way Home
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For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero's identity is revealed, bringing his Super Hero responsibilities into conflict with his normal life and putting those he cares about most at risk. When he enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret, the spell tears a hole in their world, releasing the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought a Spider-Man in any universe. Now, Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge yet, which will not only forever alter his own future but the future of the Multiverse.

User Reviews
whew546 2022-08-12
Very unfulfilling.

Marvel fan 5 2022-08-01
Love the movie love Zendaya I’ve grownup watching you Tom Holland love seeing you in your suit I how there is going to be more spider man movies love Marvelllllllll!!!!

buke👽👾🧛🏻 2022-07-29

5@4446 2022-07-23

micay cay 2022-07-18
The best was all of the craeaters tryed there best

Memyself@I 2022-07-17
Whoever wrote this script should never be allowed to write anything again. My dreams are written better then this trash. There is so much that is well written in fiction and comics and to put out this? Writer’s hold your heads in shame.

sugondeez🥜 2022-07-15
It was really really good and everything with bringing old characters back it just better and better as it went along, but there was something that made me hold back tears and I would give it 4.5 bc of it but can’t

JOLEE.E.B 2022-07-15
This Movie is so interesting so exciting so adventurous like no just one word to describe this movie because if there was I think it would be a amazing!!!!

AstralAustin 2022-07-13
Confused y there r all 3 spidermans for this movie’s cover?

sweetormiger 2022-07-13
Not bad, and ok for younger children, imo.

Awesome Au 2022-07-11

AlucardKORN 2022-07-09
Tom, Andrew and Tobey being brought together made my childhood come back to life and I was excited to see them again. This movie is the grand central station of excitement. After all these years, Tobey, the first Spider-Man I grew up with as a kid, looks great. And Andrew too. As for the villains, seeing Green Goblin (Dafoe), Doc Ock (Molina) and Sandman (Church) again brings back memories. Love this movie.

Sdaly61 2022-07-04
There’s no way to sum up this film in one review but for Marvel Fans out there it’s simply a non stop masterpiece with one of the biggest surprise cameo appearances of all time. Solid acting from Holland and Dafoe that makes for a jam packed action/adventure thriller that will keep you entertained all the way to the end. Must watch.

LE Studios 2022-07-02
This has to be the best Spider-Man with the best storyline to brings characters together from different previous Spider-Man films. This was so good I watched it twice already in first 24-hours. The production was overall top notch well as the acting. The score was great too. Pretty much why I watched it again. Enjoy this film it’s a great addition to your Spider-Man film collection.

serge2266 2022-07-01

j CV m V I'm 2022-07-01
This movie is so good I am watching it aSecond time

Bricen Sikes 2022-06-30
This movie was the worst movie I’ve ever seen All they did to get people to watch was expensive cgi people from old movies just to bring them in and make this a comedy not a superhero movie

PUPPY730 2022-06-27
Every new thing

I love it 10x more now 2022-06-27
It was a good film! I didn't enjoy some parts, but other then that it wasn't bad!

Littlesavedgirl 2022-06-26
I couldn’t have predicted how bringing all three Spider-Man actors in one installment but they did it folks, PERFECTLY done !!!

thatgeekdad 2022-06-26
This was as campy as the first two and Parker is getting dumber as he gets older.

Lamema 2022-06-15
Nothing’s new. Story is lame, acting is strange, get lost here and there.

Dad_Paul 2022-06-03
Great Daredevil movie!

anthonyrabzy 2022-06-01
It’s the best movie of all time It has totally a lot of action in it please see it

Gaweł 2022-05-30
Really enjoyed it

LukeyDukey108 2022-05-29
Was plugged in the entire movie.

Chrisdatwrist14 2022-05-27
The greatest spider-man film ever. Filled with our favorite spider-mans along with the villains. Definitely worth watching. You will not regret it. 🕷🕸💯

kittycat08972 2022-05-22
Watched this in theaters and highly recommend it if you like action movies!

bleepguy 2022-05-18
The graphics were good and I liked the movie

Koreanbella85 2022-05-17
When will the price go down

scotfree16 2022-05-16
I heard all kinds of hype around this movie, and after the previous Spider-Man movie (garbage) that came out, I went into this new one with low expectations. Although this one was significantly better than the last, I still found myself feeling very disappointed.

interlokt 2022-05-15
garbage storyline

Bdshjs 2022-05-15
Great movie !

qqdcebscjdssxxbyjncdjcmzt 2022-05-13

gumball 199 2022-05-13
This movie was amazing I loved it this movie had everything from the action and all 3 Spider-Man we been loving for years Toby Andrew and holand did a amazing job at doing what they do it’s like it hasn’t been 20 years since Toby and Andrew and now holand all the villains from all three franchises this is a movie I didn’t knew would love as much as I did This is a movie perfect for not only people or fans of marvel this movie is for all the Spider-Man fans that watched were it begin from now crazy perfect movie that you and I loved from start to finish

jakeurchie 2022-05-13
Amazing movie but I think it’s time to lower the price it’s been a long time

mariojeffycody 2022-05-11
I recommend this movie to people that watch Tobey, Andrew spider man movies ❤️💙❤️

nsbdiwbclskxbslancb 2022-05-10

Sean-southard 2022-05-10
After endgame, it has been hard for me to get excited about any marvel movies. No Way Home was better then I expected!

Sussy Deez 2022-05-09
Deez nutz

annajurgen 2022-05-09
They could have just cut the clips of the other Sperman movies together to make this nonsense.

macieomgwthdnf 2022-05-08
It was very sad when his aunt died like I was crying u guys gotta fix that ok? It’s way to sad! Even when his friends..the memory get erased😭fox that or I will find u😈 From,XxurmomXx

Marvel A.I. 2022-05-08
I just have no comment. It is the best

Phunkedawg 2022-05-08
Choppy filming. Horrible acting. Everything looks fake. Goodbye $19.99.

Chuy391 2022-05-08
It’s not what I thought it would be. It was so boring not enough action. It was intended for the younger viewers.

batmid 2022-05-08
Spider-W Batmid

redb3ast181 2022-05-06
It’s the best movie loved it so exited to watch the next one also plz make it more instresting pls plz plz 😍🤪🕸🕷

Wildman67 2022-05-06
Fantastic story , excellent acting and enjoyable to watch really thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Excellent just Excellent! Highly recommend.

LINDA S BEDGOOD 2022-05-05
I love Marvel!

roo156368 2022-04-30
It was the best spider-Man film yet.