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After losing re-election in 2020, Donald Trump’s (Anthony Atamanuik) life enters a tailspin, and years later, a documentary crew attempts to track down his whereabouts.

User Reviews
mcgin 73 2022-08-07
Time to get Democrats out of power

Jazzyexpat 2020-10-28
Truly depicts Trump & his family and entourage's twisted minds. With luck, he won't be able to steal the 2020 election and then we can cope with the pandemic and recover some sense of normality.

ChristineNYC 2019-09-02
I can’t say every episode of the show is perfect, but the actors and the writers go beyond to capture the characters and events behind the surrealist nightmare of this presidency. Prepare to laugh and cry. It is true, they could not make a show like this about Obama.

pugluv2001 2018-11-01
Can you imagine if they would’ve done this to Obama????