Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Includes 6 Disney Tales
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Join Olaf for warm hugs and holiday cheer as he presents Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (22 min)—with 4

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Join Olaf for warm hugs and holiday cheer as he presents Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (22 min)—with 4 great new songs—starring all your favorite characters from Frozen. Olaf and Sven set out on a merry mission to save Christmas for Anna and Elsa. This special collection also includes 6 winter-themed tales (46 min) featuring classic Disney characters—Donald Duck in The Hockey Champ, Goofy in The Art of Skiing and Mickey Mouse in the holiday treat Pluto’s Christmas Tree—as well as Once Upon A Wintertime, Winter and Polar Trappers.

User Reviews
Warriors of Arendelle 2020-07-14
People just disappear when people die. Hell and heaven do not exist. Hell and heaven never exist. Because nobody can prove hell and heaven exist.

parkmija 2020-02-15

Dtffsxvfxc 2019-12-28
I love this “short” personally

=j;njugn 2019-12-21
So so so so so so so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Former Viewer 2019-11-30
Olaf short was okay. Big disappointment for the kids as it was super short and Disney extras were not appropriate for today’s youth.

cats rule forever 2019-11-28
Anyone with bad reviews. Have you even watched it? (See ratings for Frozen Fever) Just because you didn’t like the original movie doesn’t mean you won’t like this one. ——— Me!

LupoMD 2019-11-23
While the Olaf’s adventure part is good. This would’ve been so much better if they just stuck to frozen and removed all the random old Cartoons no one really asked for or liked. While I don’t really regret my purchase I’m just disappointed how it’s handled because they could’ve easily substituted frozen shorts of other characters in the world and lore. It’s hard to rank this higher than 3 because of the random and out of place addition to full time these other cartoons were and very misleading advertisement.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2019-11-19
Felicia Kellie Gonzalez JAIME Ojeda Salomon SAMANTHA JOY TINA Dalby ROBERT SONY Maffie David Lozano STEVE Hernandez

Awesomsauce1003 2019-11-18
When will this crime to humanity that is Frozen be removed

theforceinrey 2019-11-15
Very sweet and heartwarming, highly recommend!❤️

DuhaimeC 2019-07-04
This short film of Olaf’s adventure to find everyone’s tradition at “that time of year” is so good! The comedy is so cute and innocent and makes me smile every time. I love the hot chocolate and fruitcake (hot items, snow man, you do the math)!

lulugirlthe1st 2019-05-26
I never wanted to go to coco and then this took a long time to finally finish the short! YAY! I don’t know why you should give this short a bad review

dugums 2019-01-30
Didn’t pay enough attention and just saw Frozen and over an hour running time, figured it would be worth it for my daughter. Unfortunately, the Frozen short is only 20 minutes and the rest of the running time is dated and what I would think is uninteresting cartoons for those who like Frozen.

Jeff Edward 2018-12-12
My kids enjoy the older Disney shorts more than even Olaf. 5 stars for the old Mickey Donald and Goofy shorts . 3 stars for Olaf.

maryflorencemorris 2018-11-30
We thought this was the frozen Olaf short and it is, but there are 5 other terribly old shorts. I wish it was just frozen.

Elsa_325_32 2018-11-15
I already know this movie is gonna be adorable and amazing. I can’t wait to watch this!❤️❄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❄️❤️❤️❤️❤️

irish_1977 2018-10-17
I honestly do not understand the bitter reviews that say this is awful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. If you are a fan of Frozen, you will love this. Very sweet story, and I love the main song. My daughter has watched it no less than 15 times in the past 2 days. For me, it was $10 well spent.

Disnerd Pixie 2018-08-30
No need to give this movie a bad rating simply because you were annoyed that it played in front of Coco! I love this short, even if it’s “uncool” to enjoy/like Frozen. I also love the 6 classic shorts included with it, especially Pluto’s Christmas Tree 😁 So, ignore the haters & buy this movie! You won’t regret it❄️

chicocine 2018-08-02
spanish version please

capt_archer 2018-06-16
The short, and its story, are wonderful and deserving of five stars. Disney attaching six random cartoons to the end of one long file, instead of including them as seperate bonus files, is frankly offensive. I can't put this on my phone in its current state.

PizzaLover383 2018-06-01
I'm a huge Frozen fanatic, so I absolutely love it! But I only wanted the Olaf's Frozen Adventure short film, not the other five. But they're still good. Overall, totally enjoyable! :)

cinten99 2018-02-24
Haters gonna hate but I love this special and it will be a yearly Christmas family viewing.

scottbos 2018-02-03
Whew! Glad I finally got that off my chest.

Reem288888 2018-01-28

Chichi 316 2018-01-27
Got it for Olaf... love it because my child has fallen in love with the old school Disney cartoons. Yay!!!!!

Quislibet 2018-01-25
The “Frozen” short is 5 stars. The “other” shorts are old and not worth paying for.

CodyR 2018-01-15
I was forced to watch this before the masterpiece Coco. Olaf is uninteresting. The movie is WAY too long, and there were literally no jokes that were funny. Utter disaster. Worst Disney film in history.

Captain Genialman 2018-01-14
I saw it during the screening of Coco. Olaf is annoyingly stupid and 20 min is way to long for a short.

_Dicha_ 2018-01-13
What a touching story

kawi godzila 2018-01-13
good Christmas short❄️❄️❄️ but is so long

OdiferousClimate 2018-01-11
Boring, slow cliche. Nothing here to educate youngsters other than in stereotypes. We had this jammed down our throats before viewing "Coco" in the theater, unbeknownst to the audience. See "Coco" instead!

poorTOR 2018-01-07
The only good thing is Olaf's short. Disney didnt want to sell it for 2.99 as a short so they added 6 1930 era cartoons, that are not worth the time to skip through them, to make it seem worth the 9.99 price.

xlGATORFANlx 2017-12-30
This is the best collection of shorts ever. And got to love Olaf. 😀

SpaceCamino 2017-12-29

DisneyLover101💘 2017-12-28
Ok This short film was amazing but shouldn’t be priced for 10 dollars. It’s a “happy, merry, holly jolly” film. Well done Disney!😜😔

drummer3 2017-12-27
This short was reminiscent of the 90's direct-to-video sequels for films like Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, etc. ...with the only exception being that the animation is up to par with the original film.

elhernandez 2017-12-26
How bad it was? It was so bad that by the time I got home from the movie theater, it was already playing free on ABC. It did not play on Disney Channel.This is short is not even on Google Play.

sea_a_an 2017-12-26
The story is just uninspired and boring. I really love the look and feel of the visuals but the story and songs are just really hard to sit through. It's too bad. I feel like they are taking away from the origina movie's greatness with this cheap "short".

monileisa 2017-12-25
I don’t know what the negative reviews are about we absolutely loved it! It’s got the same humor, fun and heart as the movie! We also got a few other “shorts” starring Pluto, Mickey, etc., that we enjoyed just as much.

randyasu 2017-12-25
A lot of negative reviews are not so much “reviews” as reactions to being “forced to sit throught this” before Coco. If that’s the worst thing that happens to you, SHUT UP. A “review” is about the content of the work in question, not your perceived inconvenience at being able to sit in a theater and watch a cartoon. As for the short itself, a huge improvement over Frozen Fever; captures much of the magic of the original. Great songs, good laughs, and beautiful animation. Highly recommended.

I love Paris 77 2017-12-25
Don't waste you money on iTunes. Watch it FREE on youtube. I feel that Disney should offer a free copy on iTunes. Good short film though.

Lucy105 2017-12-24
Was so mad that I was forced to sit through this when I went to see Coco (which was fabulous). I loved the original frozen but these songs were not catchy and the Short was corny at best.

pgdness 2017-12-24
My kids are huge Frozen fans and they loved this. It’s very sweet and I thought it was just as entertaining as the other Frozen productions. The quality of it was just as good as well.

Deeterson 2017-12-24
We really enjoyed the new frozen Olafs adventure short film! What’s even better are all of the winter time and Christmas themed vintage Disney cartoons that are beautifully remastered in high definition that followed. Especially the vintage animated short film “once upon a wintertime” which is Disney animation at its best, embodying young romance during wintertime.

KlifK 2017-12-24
Instead, please give $10 to someone who needs it.

WalterTrego 2017-12-23
Glorifies stupidity. Painful to watch. Incredibly dull. Storyline makes little sense.

DJ Max Power 2017-12-22
I was forced to watch this as a "preview" before 'Coco.' It is a miserable, overly sweet piece of heavy-handed holiday garbage. The main character is daft, the songs are obnoxious, and the plot is less interesting than belly button lint. You'd be better off watching paint dry.

dannahpartyoffive 2017-12-22
Love that you get 6 classics to go with OFA. So perfect for the holidays. Makes you happy and warm inside! Love Olaf and Elsa and Anna.

1513 2017-12-22
Nearly walked out of the theater after 30 minutes of this “short”

S Connolly 2017-12-22
Had to sit through this before Coco in the theater... I’m still angry.