Watch: Uber Gorgeous Animated Adventure Short 'Fox and the Whale'

This is one of those jaw-dropping stunning animated short films that you need to stop and watch right away. Fox and the Whale is animated short made by Robin Joseph about a fox that goes on an adventure to find a whale. While the plot is seemingly that simple on paper, this gorgeous film has so much more depth to it than that, and will leave your mind reeling. This film reminds me of Don Hertzfeldt's animated shorts because there's so much profoundness to it, and that's not something easy to pull off. There's nothing more to say now than please just take a moment to watch and enjoy this mesmerizing work of art. It's so worth it.

Thanks to Film School Rejects for the tip on this. Originally from Vimeo. Description: "A curious fox goes searches for an elusive whale." This was an Independent, self-financed project with character animation by Kim Leow. Fox and the Whale is directed and produced by Robin Joseph, with animation and models by Kim Leow. Featuring music by John Poon. This was made entirely independently and released directly to Vimeo. You can find more info about Robin (who also works as a visual development artist at Illumination Entertainment) by visiting his website at To watch more shorts, click here. Thoughts?