/Is The Society Renewed for Season 2?

Is The Society Renewed for Season 2?

It’s been a few weeks since Netflix’s latest teen hit The Society hit the streaming service. The 10-episode first season quickly captivated viewers who wanted to know everything about the mysterious world of New Ham and how the 200 or so high schoolers who populated it would survive.

Despite the positive critical and fan response, Netflix has been completely silent regarding the show’s potential second season so far. This isn’t totally surprising; Netflix often waits a few weeks to see how a show performs over time before handing out a renewal. And to be perfectly honest, we can’t imagine Netflix wanting to let this show — or rising star Kathryn Newton — go.

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If The Society does get a second season, that means fans will get the chance to find out more about whether New Ham really is a parallel world, what the deal is with the dog, and how Grizz (Jack Mulhern) and Sam (Sean Berdy) are so gosh darn perfect together. Oh, and also all the answers to how they’re going to survive winter, farm, and take down Campbell (Toby Wallace), too. But really, we’re mainly just here for Grizz and Sam.

The Society is available to stream on Netflix now.